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Portland Badminton Club racket stringing services

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Rackets will be available for pick up within one week, but our time is usually about 2 days.  You may call us at 503-640-8659/ Or E mail us during PBC Club hours to see if your racket is ready for pickup.

Please fill out The PBC Racket Repaired form in the Office.

  1. String type you’d like on your racket
  2. String color (if there is an option). If the color of string is not specified, then the stringer will make the choice for you, which will most likely be the most available color on hand.
  3. String tension you’d like on your racket (in lbs or kg)
  4. Phone number to reach you in case there are questions.
  5. Payment in cash, credit, Debit or check.

All rackets are inspected for visible damage to the frame prior to stringing.  Please note that we require the owner’s verbal consent before stringing a racket with visible damage, such as a crack in the frame.

NOTE:  PBC is not responsible for any damages to the racket or strings provided if the tension requested is higher than the manufacturer recommended tension. The recommended tension is usually written on the racket itself. (Warranty is for 7 days on your PBC stringing job/not including your own string)