Pro Shop

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Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday 5pm – 9pm; Sunday 2pm – 8pm Closed on Saturdays

PBC strives to carry the top of the line rackets for demo. Currently, we have Yonex and Victor rackets for demo. For a small fee of $10/person you are able to demo any of the rackets we have available for the day. The Demo Fee will be applied to the purchase of the racket if you purchase a racket the same day. See an associate for details.

PBC offer five types of strings to choose from and customers may also provide their own string. Rackets will be available for pick up within one week, but our turnaround time is usually about 2 days.  You may call us at 503 640-8659 during PBC hours to see if your racket is ready for pickup.

Member Discount
Members of PBC will be eligible for a 4% discount on all items on Order. You must be a member of PBC to receive the discount.

Special Orders
Customers are welcome to place a Special Order for current items that are sold out. All Special Orders must be paid in advance. Special Orders are placed every Monday. You will be contacted via email or phone once your order has arrived. Please allow at least a week and a half for the order to arrive, although the arrival of the item will depend on the vendor.






Side vendors are prohibited on PBC premise. If a member of PBC is selling privately inside the Club, their membership will be suspended or terminated, and a fine will be administered at the discretion of PBC management.
T: 503 640 8659