The Best Coaches in Oregon are at the PBC

Our coaches are some of the best and most experience badminton coaches in the Pacific Northwest. With a variety of personal, professional, and athletic backgrounds, Portland Badminton Club coaches can offer the very best badminton learning experience no matter your skill level.

Coaches Wanted!

Availability: Tuesday, Thursday .Saturday, Sunday. Days required. Must enjoy working with people. Experience, Customer Service, Sales, Club Operations are required. Knowledge of badminton products, racket stringing, etc. is a plus, but not essential. Contact us!

Ralph Cervantes

Owner and Head Coach

Master Degree Kinesilogist
B.S. Kinesilogist – California State University San Bernardino

USAB Certified Badminton Coach Trainer
I have given many years of my all, to the game of Badminton. I am formally retiring from Badminton tournament competition in 2017.

Badminton Accomplishments:
NSG/USA Circuit 2015 – Men’s Singles (Silver Medalist) 2 USA Rank, Men’s Doubles (Bronze Medalist) 3 USA Rank, Mix Doubles (Silver Medalist) 2 USA Rank
Senior Games MS champion of Oregon
Senior Games MS champion of Washington
Senior Games MS champion of Nevada
Senior Games MS champion of Utah
Oregon Open Spring Classic – MD and MX Finalist, 2011
Oregon Open Summer Classic – MD Champion, 2010
Open Level Player
State Games of Oregon – (Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Mix Doubles-Champion)
State Games of the West (Colorado) – (Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles-Champion)
OS Tournament – MS, MD, MX Champion

30 Years of Playing Experience:
United States Badminton Circuit
Texas, California, Washington, Colorado, Missouri, Arizona, Florida, Washington, Maryland

5 Years International Competition:
Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico, Vietnam

20 Years of Coaching Experience:
Century High School (Coach of the year 88, 89, 92, 98)
San Dimas High School (Conference Coach 01)
College Coach
Santa Ana (coach of the year 99)
East Los Angeles
Private Coach – San Gabriel Valley Badminton Club, WY’East Middle School

Badminton Association Affiliations:
Northwest Badminton Association
California Inter-Scholastics Federation Associate
Title Nine Inception Panel (Women’s Collegiate Association)
Retired – Commissioner State Games of Oregon
Oregon District Badminton Association

Seeni Subramaniam

Assistant Coach

BS & MS Electrical Engineering 2001 – University of Idaho

Badminton Experience:
Oregon Open Spring Classic – Mens Singles Champion & Mens Doubles Finalist, 2011
University of Oregon Open – Mens Singles Champion, 2011
Oregon Open Fall Classic – Mens Doubles Champion, 2010
Oregon Open Summer Classic – MX Champion, 2010
Mix Doubles Finalist
Mens Doubles Semi-Finalist
Mens Singles Finalist
Winter Oregon Open
Taulatin Open Mens Singles
U-15 and U-18 Jr Badminton Tournaments (Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur)

Joanne Cicrich

Assistant Coach

BA from Portland State University

Badminton Experience:
Oregon Open Spring Classic: WD Championship, MX Finalist, 2011
12 Masters National Championships
Numerous Oregon Open Championships
Many Junior regional & state Championships
Numerous State Games Championships
1 gold medal World Masters Games
1 gold medal Canadian Masters Internationals

I cross train by lifting weights, running, hiking, walking, doing chi gong, yoga, playing tennis.

Karthik Subramanian

Assistant Coach

PhD Electrical Engineering 2008 – Vanderbilt University

Badminton Experience:
Oregon Open Fall Classic – Mixed Doubles Champion, 2010
Oregon Open Summer Classic – Men’s Doubles Champion, 2009
Kentucky State Badminton Championship – Men’s Doubles Champion, 2007
University of Texas Arlington Badminton Tourney – Men’s Doubles Finalist, 2003
President of Vanderbilt Badminton Club (2003-2008)
Assistant Coach at Portland Badminton Club since the club’s inception in 2009

Randy Dunlap

PBC Assistant

BS Math; MS Information & Computer Science

Badminton Experience:
Badminton lessons at college
Played locally in Oregon for more than 6 years
Participated in: State Games of Oregon, Oregon Open, U. Oregon and Oregon State

Other Interest:
Baseball, softball, football, soccer
Tennis, table tennis, racquetball, badminton
Biking, hiking, backpacking
Golf, bowling, horseshoes

Yuma Suzuki

PBC Assistant

Badminton Experience:
Played 2 years in high school
Played 1 year at Portland State University
State games of Oregon finalist – Single 2012