Our Facility

The Portland Badminton Club features a “floating” floor system with high resiliency and uniformity. It consists of 5/32 recoil energy absorbing fitness rubber, 3/4 APA rated plywood, and 1/2 MDF wood rated MDF layer. An oak hardwood floor is the top for a premium court surface.

ADA Handicap accessible.
Plenty of parking on site.

Queuing Rules

  1. All PBC Members and Drop In players need to Sign in.
  2. All Non-Members please pay (Drop In fees) at the PBC front office before you play.
  3. When the Portland Badminton Club is full, please follow the PBC Queuing rules.
  4. Make a group of 4 players to play with.
  5. One player MUST place a shuttlecock on the top of the green net post with black top. This will indicate that your group is next in turn on that court. Absolutely DO NOT  place multiple shuttles on various courts.  Also no removing or taking off the shuttle.
  6. Doubles/Singles/Mixed Doubles Games can be played (No Singles games are played on Excessive amount of participants).
  7. Please no Jumping from court to other court .
  8. 4 Participants at a time=Doubles games.
  9. Warm up (2-minutes only).
  10. All games are played to 21 points (rally point scoring system).
  11. Two games only are played (Continual games, back-to-back).
  12. All Participants shall share in providing badminton shuttles.
  13. Participants not following Rotation Queuing rules shall lose their turn in play.

Additional Information

  1. No Kids on PBC gym equipment.
  2. Play days can be effected by events held at the PBC.
  3. Proper gym shoes are required (non-marking).
  4. Your children must be under your supervision.
  5. Pets in building need to be on a leash only (Dog messes/Barking are your responsibility or fine will be assessed.)
  6. No fluids/Food is permitted on the Gym floor (Sides and back area are O.K.).
  7. Please be responsible for your trash (shuttle tube, shuttle tube wrapping plastic, Clothing, Shoes, etc).
  8. Disputes/Questions, address to the PBC staff.

Non-members are responsible for their own games (partners, opponents) and equipment (rackets and birds, or these can be rented/purchased). PBC staff may try to help with games if they are available.


Remember to keep the PBC clean, thank you.