Individual Lessons


Portland Badminton Individual Lesson Pricing
Coach 1 Hr lesson 1/2 Hr lesson Contact Status for accepting new students
Ralph Cervantes $75 $30
C: 503 640-8659
Based on Availability and court fee
Seeni Subramanian $65 $28
C: 503 640-8659
Based on Availability and court fee
Yuma Suzuki $60 $30
C: 503 640-8659
Based on Availability and court fee

Take this opportunity to learn the basic foundation of badminton. Learn gripping, serves, stance, preparation, clears, drops, drives, nets, eye-hand co-coordination, timing, introduction to smashes, basic footwork, and generally establishing the ground work for the next level up. This program is based on solidifying the training principles and gearing toward the improvement of each participant. Benefits include increased performance, mind-body training techniques, and proper form. Developing strategy, mental focus, accuracy, and an instinctual sense of timing is of crucial importance in badminton. Proper body alignment and bio mechanics will be discussed to reduce the risk of injury. Conditioning skills will be used to improve agility, quickness, overall endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Get ready to be smashing and let Our Coaches whip you into the best badminton Player ever!


1. Please enrollment prior to the week before the lesson start, for all sessions.

2. All Payments must be made before the First Day of Classes

      • We except Checks /Cash / Cashier Checks ONLY (Full payment is required)
      • $50 Declined fee added on all Checks / Cashier Checks /Chargeback’s,

3. All lessons are as listed for Individual hour lessons.

There will be no refunds for the lesson.

Make up classes ($30 per class make up fee/ or lesson shall be forfeited) Please plan to attend,

Question please call Ralph Cervantes 503 640-8659 /

4. Please wear appropriate gym attire.

5. Please dress appropriately, warm up pants, PBC t-shirts and Regular shorts (no jeans, no dress pants, no dress shirts and etc) Badminton Apparel can be purchased at the PBC Pro-Shop.

6. Adults (must sign application form) and turn it into Portland Badminton Club office, before any lesson can be attended

7. Lesson participants are only allowed during class lesson time


9. (Additional play. Please use The PBC Daily drop in option or try one of The PBC Membership plans

10. First five/ten minutes will be warm activity.




Please contact the Portland Badminton Club to schedule Individual lessons.

Please note that Individual Lessons
Are held upon Coach and Student agreed schedule.

PBC Private Lesson C Form Printout