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PBC Membership available in Six month or annual increments or monthly.

Type Plan PBC INITATION FEE MONTHLY CREDIT CARD DEDUCTION INITIATION FEE DISCOUNT (50% OFF THE Initiation fee on a 6 month or 1 year contract. only on a credit card monthly payment
One time 50% off discount given )
PAYING IN FULL RECEIVE (5 % OFF total amount Must be in Cash or Check only )
Regular PBC membership rates Choose (6) months Or (1) year plan. Your onetime fee as long as you keep your PBC membership What you are being deducted on a monthly basis from your Credit card, Debit card ,etc What you are being charged for as a “Starter package” Total amount paid up front
SINGLE ADULT RATE 1 Year $90 (or $45
for CC)
$41.90 $86.90 $563.16
SINGLE ADULT RATE 6 Months $100 (or $50 for CC) $42.90 $92.90 $339.53
Junior Rate
(Under 18)
1 Year $60 $29.90 $59.90 $397.86
Junior Rate
(Under 18)
6 Months $70 $31.90 $66.90 $248.33
Spouse Rate
(Great for All gender couples)
1 Year $130 (or $65 for CC) $64.90 $129.90 $863.93
Spouse Rate
(Great for All gender couples)
6 Months $140 (or $70 for CC) $66.90 $136.90 $514.33
(55 and Over)
1 Year $40 (or $20 for CC) $37.90 $57.90 $470.06
Buddy (2 Plus)
(Per person Rate)
1 Year $70 (or $35 for CC) $38.90 $73.90 Per Person $509.96
Buddy (2 Plus)
(Per person Rate)
6 Months $80 (or $40 for CC) $40.90 $80.90 Per Person $309.13
(Immediate Family only)
1 YEAR $150 (or $75 for CC) $74.90 $149.90 $996.36
(Immediate Family only)
6 Months $170 (or $85 for CC) $76.90 $161.90 $599.83

30 day Temporary PBC Membership PBC members receive with their 30 day temporary membership Total cost Amount paid up front
Discounts on Yonex , Victor, Li Ning Badminton products
Free tips on how to play better badminton
Total paid
(Immediate Family only)
Unlimited play for 30 days $140
Junior age 17 and under Unlimited play for 30 days $55
Spouse Unlimited play for 30 days $110
Adult Unlimited play for 30 days $75

Kids Classes 3 month programs Class Types.
General/Hi Performance
Quarterly kids Tournaments
Free play time
Non Members
Private Classes One on One classes Learn Basic or Advanced Techniques Better Fitness
Choose your One on One Coach Prices according to One on One coach
Talk to a Coach

Drop in rates:

  • Mon to Fri: Adults (17+) $10 before 5 PM and $15 after 5PM
  • Mon to Fri: kids (Age 17 and under) $8

Rentals (Rackets $10, or supply your own or purchase from the PBC Pro-Shop)

Shuttle can be purchased at PBC Pro-shop or supply your own.

Equipment/Apparel Can be purchased at The PBC Pro shop and more. Just ask

Start thinking about PBC ‘Membership’ ‘PRO SHOP’
and ‘Youth/Private Classes’ for your Badminton needs

We are close by all Intel campus, Nike, Solar World, Genentech, and Synopsis.
Columbia Sportswear, Adidas, Under Armour
Members receive discounts on Yonex. Victor. Li Ning. Badminton Equipment.
All PBC prices can be adjusted. Reactivation/Decline fees will be Auto Charged
Send us an E- mail
Or just call us 503 640-8659

Membership encompasses:

  • Unlimited play
  • PBC Badminton Leagues (B- Badminton Doubles League)
  • Equipment/Shuttles/Attire Discounts (Yonex, LiNing, Victor)
  • Sponsored Discounts (See membership page)
  • PBC lesson Discounts for PBC member only
  • PBC Club Rental (Birthdays, Team Building, special Events)
  • PBC General news Information (Local/USA Badminton information)

See Terms and Conditions for additional information

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